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Troll House / TOT ID#2184/ The Sea Ranch concept embodies an escape from the complexity of day-to-day life in the urban maze. The original plans for this community included a small group of so-called “walk-in cabins” high up in the redwood forest. Troll House is one of these delightful forest retreats. On arrival, you drive to the cabin, unload your car, and then park it in a central parking area a short distance away. Walking back to the cabin is part of the intended experience of disengaging from the mundane. 

Troll House itself is situated high up in the trees with views into the high branches where the birds add color and movement to the green of the surrounding forest. A wide deck offers a delightful place to meditate, snooze, or read a book in the afternoon sunshine. A large sliding front door opens the living-dining area to this deck and creates a delightful living space that is partially inside and partially out. As evening approaches, simply pull the door closed, light a fire in the wood stove, and button up your cozy, warm refuge far from the madding world beyond. The kitchen is small, but efficient and meals can be as simple or elegant as you might wish. A good selection of music is available to add to the ambiance of the evening. Internet connectivity is available at no charge. The feature of Troll House that is most commented on by visitors is the large skylight over the very comfortable king bed – one of the very best places in the entire universe to watch exotic goings-on in the night skies. (Remember our efforts to protect the dark sky.) Evening sound effects include an occasional owl, the breeze in the tree tops, and the gentle rumble of distant surf. In addition to the king bed for the two adults in the party, there is also a spartan bunk bed suitable for a young child. 

When it is time to go exploring, the inveterate hiker will find the Pacific Ocean just down the hill and several forest trail heads nearby. Trail loops that include both ocean bluff and deep forest are very possible. If you want to enjoy a sauna, play tennis or go for a swim, the Ohlson Recreation Center is just a few minutes walk down the hill from your deck. Troll House has been featured in Sunset and has won prestigious architectural recognition, but the more important point is that it is the perfect escape for those looking for true peace and solitude. Starting at $476, two nights; $1,232, seven nights.

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living room
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